A Tip For Trip Planning – Try Not To Plan

leaving albania

When planning for a trip – especially a motorcycle trip – the only planning I would really advise is to cover all the legal aspects of your trip. I highly advise having the legal requirements of entry for yourself and …
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Overland Motorcycle Trip From Germany To Turkey

Mt.  Nemrut Turkey

I am presently putting the finishing touches on the travel memoir of our motorcycle trip from Germany to Turkey and I keep going back to our pictures and the videos that we made (we filmed, Andi Thiele put it together …
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Happy New Year

stuck in the jungle in cambodia

It may be the middle of the month but better late than never! Happy New Year! At the moment I am in Canada visiting family and Patrick is on a plane on his way to meet us. He is joining …
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Dropping Your Motorcycle: Perception Versus Reality

motorcycle cafe austria

Motorcycling can be a metaphor for life.  I am currently fleshing out the Turkey book and I am rewatching the Journizer videos of the trip. In the episode I am going to embed in this post, I talk about dropping …
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Choose Your Own Motorcycle Adventure

2 guys on motorcycles

I was a BMW girl. (I can’t say am, I sold my bike in Mongolia and with 2 babies it will be years before I buy a new one). But this choose your own adventure style video from Honda leaves …
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Because Beer Prices Are Important When Planning A Trip

Russian Beer

Because the price of beer factors into almost all travel budgets, here are two videos that summarize where you can expect to pay the most (first video) as well as where beer is the cheapest in the world (second video …
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The Coolest Ride In Berlin

coolest ride in berlin

I do not know who this belongs to, but I feel a deep and choking envy of them. There is just nothing more to say.        

We Were Sailing: A Picture Update Post


The blog has been quiet! But we have a good reason: we were sailing! Patrick took 2 months paternity leave and we sailed from Kiel through the southern islands of Denmark and back via Rostock. We have been back in …
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Naming Our Boat: Meet Falkor

Mango as Falcor

Falkor (still Heavy Metal at this point) heading towards the water after winter on land.   Naming your boat can be almost (if not more) difficult than naming your child. And I would know. We agreed to buy the boat …
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We Bought A Boat

Patrick on his boat

So we did it! We sold the Pinguin and bought our bluewater/cruising boat. We spent over a year looking at various boats with various price tags. And in truth we almost did not look at what was “Heavy Metal” but …
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