Motorcycle Travel Ebooks

We proudly present our collection of motorcycle travel ebooks and other inspiring travel tales.

Mango Unleashed: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels The World Mango Unleashed: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels The World
Most people bring back a souvenir or two. Patrick & Sherrie brought back a dog. While in Thailand on their world trip Patrick and Sherrie saw all kind of creatures being carted around on little motorcycles. When they met Mango on the island of Koh Tao they decided to follow suit and took him along for the ride. This is Mango’s and his pack’s story, from Thailand to Germany via North America. » read more
Fernweh English: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure Fernweh: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure A motorcycle adventure through Europe, Russia, Asia and South America. Take a seat in a Russian banya, a Mongolian ger, or a campfire in the deserted pampas. Ride with the author through icy deserts, over dizzying mountain passes, through swamps and endless forests. Experience the driest desert as well as the deepest lake in the world. And more important than the places, meet the people that make a motorcycle trip the most memorable adventure of a lifetime. » read more
Iceland Unleashed: A Stormy Motorcycle Adventure Active volcanoes, glaciers, rivers without bridges and killer sheep – Iceland offers the kind of riding that motorcycle adventure dreams are made of. Ignoring the lack of off road skills in one half of the partnership, Patrick and Sherrie set off on a 6 week journey from Germany to Iceland and back in the summer of 2010. Includes 8 maps and 21 color pictures. » read more
ebook: Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia When it comes to riding Southeast Asia the big question is not “should I buy or should I rent” but rather “where do I even start?” The authors were confronted with just this question as they attempted to plan a motorcycle trip throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia & Laos. Every answer they found was different. So they decided to write this handbook as a guide for other new riders in the region. » read more
The Unleash Your Adventure Packlist: What To Take, What To Leave, & The Hows & Whys Of Motorcycle Travel The unanswerable question, what to pack? On a motorcycle trip you need to make every kilo count. “The Unleash Your Adventure Packlist” is not just what to take or leave behind, but why. It is a mini handbook of the absolute essentials needed for those who dream of going on their own motorcycle journey. This handbook looks at why you should go,some things to help you prepare, and how to save. » read more
Fernweh mit Motorrad Welt Ebook Fernweh, mit dem Motorrad um die Welt [Kindle Edition] (in German) Sibirien, Karakorum, Wladiwostok, Atacama Wüste, Feuerland… Bekommen Sie eine Gänsehaut beim Klang dieser entlegenen Orte? Dann kommen Sie doch mit auf eine abenteuerliche Reise bis ans Ende der Welt. Der Autor erzählt mit einem Augenzwinkern von all den großen und kleinen Erlebnissen seiner ungewöhnlichen Fahrt. In 14 Monaten war er abertausende von Kilometern unterwegs, mit dem Motorrad, Schiff, Bus, Bahn und Flugzeug. » read more

3 Responses to Motorcycle Travel Ebooks

  1. ILS says:

    interessting initiave! I did a lot of motorbike travels (alone, with female and male friends, with partner,..) in the past 20 years. Most of them in Europe (scotland, swiss, austria, sweden, italie, france, irland, belgium,….) and the past 4 months in South America ( If I can help you with something, just let me know :-)

    Love and kiss the ride!

  2. Ellen Delis says:

    Hi Gypsy Princess

    Me and my husband started our trip from Alaska in May this year. We planned to travel from Alaska to Ushuaia in about 2 years. We rode on two Suzuki DR650s. I learned to ride motocycle for this trip. So you see I’m not an experienced rider. Unfortunately, I had an accident in Mexico, now we are back to USA , getting my bike fixed and we changed the plan to get on one bike and two ups.
    Our story is on ADV and horizons and also, if I can help you anything, please let me know.

    • Sherrie Sherrie says:

      Hi Ellen,

      This comment sneaked past me and I have only just now seen it! I am going to check out your web page, but if you feel like writing about the experience I would love to hear about it and post it under women rider’s! I am also familiar with accidents on the road. They can be quite scary. In fact I think if my accident in Turkey had been in Germany I would have given up riding. But as it was I just drove Patrick crazy riding VERY slowly for about 1000 kms until the accident faded from my mind and I could ride again.

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