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Happy New Year

stuck in the jungle in cambodia

It may be the middle of the month but better late than never! Happy New Year! At the moment I am in Canada visiting family and Patrick is on a plane on his way to meet us. He is joining …
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Red tape Cambodia: Head lights are only for police

Taped head lamp

This post is part of the series Red Tape and Boneheads. Despite beautiful landscapes, the hospitality of strangers, adventures and great riding, an overland traveler also has the privilege to experience the different forms and varieties of red tape that …
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Buying & Riding A Motorcycle In South East Asia

Our trip to Austin has been successful! Mango and Opi have had a great time together, we have had a wonderful visit with our friend Nadia, and we finally released Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia! It …
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Buying Honda Waves In Asia: Was The Moscoot Worth It?

Short Answer: Y E S ! Being a biker over a backpacker almost ALWAYS wins. Big time. But thats not the topic for this post. We wanted to find out: was it financially worth it and how much did it …
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Don’t Mess With The Moscoot

What the Volkswagen Beetle was to Germany after the second world war is the moscout to Asia. Namely it mobilizes the masses. But if you think its only good for transporting a person or two at a time, you don’t …
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Chasing Summer: Cambodia & Angkor Wat

The newest article is out on our first week in Cambodia . We rode in expecting to ride out as fast as possible after seeing Angkor Wat. Instead we fell in love with Cambodia itself and the wonderful people there! …
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Lost In Cambodia: Riding Along The Mekong Part 3

I hope everyone had (or continues to have) a most wonderful festive season with their loved ones. As the German and I get ready to leave Vientiane for the final leg of our journey through Laos (picked up our Thai …
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Adventure Riding Along The Mekong in Cambodia Part 2

If there is a part 1 there has to be a part 2, and this one is in 3 parts. But we did a little repeat of the jungle adventure in Laos and we were without internet for almost a …
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Riding Along The Mekong: Part One

Pictures of Angkor Wat to come! But first a mostly visual summary of our Cambodian jungle adventure.  Both will be followed up with more text based articles with fewer pictures. Mekong views   We left Siam Reap and kept to …
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Buying A Motorcycle In South East Asia

After completely changing our plans  we decided to ride in South East Asia. But to do so we needed new bikes. We sold our BMWs in Mongolia. It was not easy to find out the best way (what country and …
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