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Riding a Motorcycle with a dog in South East Asia

Mango Unleashed: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels The World

Mango unleashed a thai rescue dog travels the world ebook cover

We never made an official announcement. Mango Unleashed: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels the World is out on e-book available at Smashwords and on Amazon for $3.99 U.S.  Poor Mango! He is such an awesome dog but once again his …
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Learning To Ride A Motorcycle in Thailand With Kimberly Byrant: Women Overland Motorcycle Riders

Kimberly Byrant profile picture

[Intro_Women_ riders]   I had the pleasure of meeting Kim in Thailand at the Horizon’s Unlimited Motorcycle Meeting in Chaing Mai. She is one amazing woman and a phenomenal photographer (as you will see.) I can not say enough wonderful things about …
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Buying & Riding A Motorcycle In South East Asia

Our trip to Austin has been successful! Mango and Opi have had a great time together, we have had a wonderful visit with our friend Nadia, and we finally released Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia! It …
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Taking Our Dog On An Airplane: Mango Gets Ready To Leave Thailand

Mango has traveled over 2000 kms by motorcycle, he has traveled by ferry, by car, by train and by tuk tuk. But tonight he meets his biggest challenge yet: airplane. This evening we are Canada bound, unfortunately the shortest flight …
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Catching Up & Chasing Summer

Enjoy this week’s Chasing Summer article on Mango as well as the previous one on my mixed feelings on Laos. I even missed posting a Chasing Summer link so I I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time. 😉
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Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai Meeting & Videos

Three weekends ago we had the pleasure of attending the Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai mini meeting held at Rider’s Corner. (I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that January is over and that the meeting was almost …
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Introducing Mango The Travel Dog

My Christmas present this year was the promise of a dog. Namely from Christmas on I had the option to travel with a dog if I wanted, or I could wait until we were back in Germany. I think Patrick finally broke from seeing how excited I got whenever we were charged by a happy dog or puppy.
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Don’t Mess With The Moscoot

What the Volkswagen Beetle was to Germany after the second world war is the moscout to Asia. Namely it mobilizes the masses. But if you think its only good for transporting a person or two at a time, you don’t …
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Savage Monkeys In The New Chasing Summer Article

We are presently in Cambodia and after locking ourselves in a room in Trat for a week in an effort to get the Iceland book out, we gave ourselves sometime off from our laptops and are currently being pure tourists.  …
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Motorcycling In Bangkok’s Floods

The newest Chasing Summer is out! Bangkok Underwater and our not planned for encounter with the floods.   If you enjoyed this, check out some other Chasing Summer articles Naked With Strange Russian Men The Story Of the Russian Immigration …
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