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Overland motorcycle travel preparation

Test Prologue To Motorcycle Trip Through Turkey Ebook

Simson Swalbe

I am presently writing the first draft of what will be the book of our motorcycle trip  from Germany to Turkey and back. I keep swinging back to the prologue. How much background info is really needed? This was our …
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2 Great Sailing Podcast Episodes

Patrick sailing with Mango the dog

Patrick has me listening to episodes of The Sailing Podcast, and I have to admit I am really enjoying them. I have been jumping around and not going in order (unlike my German counterpart) so I can not say these …
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World Travel With Baby (And Babies): With A Sail Boat?

baby on a sailboat

Regular readers of Unleash know that since we have had our daughter our motorcycle adventures have been put on hold. There is just something about an infant on a motorcycle that doesn’t sit well with me. At least, beyond the …
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Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad

For those of you who would rather watch than read, check out this video from on his tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad. And again, this is one person’s view. You can always take less, you …
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Hide… or Seek? When People Don’t Support Your Dream


This guest post by Brittany was first published on her blog Brittany and Scott live and travel with their little girl Isla ak sea monkey on their boat which is not always perceived very well by outsiders. This post will …
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Women Overland Adventure Motorcycle Riders: Deniz of Cosmosianstravels

Deniz on her motorcycle

I love this interview with Deniz of cosmosianstravels. Not only does she have an amazing bike (a BMW F650 of course!) but she has very wise words for anyone thinking of embarking on an overland motorcycle adventure. Or any adventure …
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Overland Motorcycle Adventurer Madeleine Velazquez (aka – Missrider)


Madeleine Velazquez (aka – Missrider) describes herself as adventurous, free spirited, and outgoing, and as you read her interview you understand why! She has ridden her 2009 Triumph Bonneville in 9 countries and in 3 short New England summer seasons, …
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Overland Women Riders: Rachel Balm

Rachel and her map

Rachel describes herself as “Determined, Tenacious (read Stubborn!), “A Tryer”” and someone who is “pretty crap at getting up early, knowing how to fix a bike, or knowing which direction I’m going in.” Despite this, (or maybe because of it!) …
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Overland Rider Chloe Granger: From The Jungles of Cambodia To Riding The Americas

Chris and Chloe Buenos Aires to Vancouver

Before I start with Chloe’s interview I want to post the last thing she wrote, which I believe 100% and wish the whole world followed it. If you do nothing else but read this paragraph and check out some of …
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Sjack The World Independent Film Out: Moral Of The Story Live Your Dreams!

Anyone who has ever dreamed of overland motorcycle travel probably saw Sjaak Lucassen‘s  around the world video. Now you can enjoy it professionally cut with various interviews in his new documentary Sjaak The World. What I love about the video …
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