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BMW F650 from Germany to Turkey and back

Overland Motorcycle Trip From Germany To Turkey

Mt.  Nemrut Turkey

I am presently putting the finishing touches on the travel memoir of our motorcycle trip from Germany to Turkey and I keep going back to our pictures and the videos that we made (we filmed, Andi Thiele put it together …
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Dropping Your Motorcycle: Perception Versus Reality

motorcycle cafe austria

Motorcycling can be a metaphor for life.  I am currently fleshing out the Turkey book and I am rewatching the Journizer videos of the trip. In the episode I am going to embed in this post, I talk about dropping …
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Test Prologue To Motorcycle Trip Through Turkey Ebook

Simson Swalbe

I am presently writing the first draft of what will be the book of our motorcycle trip  from Germany to Turkey and back. I keep swinging back to the prologue. How much background info is really needed? This was our …
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Riding a Motorcycle to Turkey: But First You Need A German Motorcycle License

learning to ride

And the title refers to ME in particular needing a German motorcycle license rather than anyone at all. The first trip I did riding my own bike was in the summer of 2008 when Patrick and I rode from Germany …
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Dreaming Of Bulgaria On A Wet Rainy Sunday Or Episode 07

It has been a while since I have posted in the blog as the last post was written by Patrick and even that was a bit of time ago. (My excuses include work and starting NaNoWriMo to write about Iceland, …
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More Tales Of The Land Of Ice & Rain To Come..Till Then Enjoy A Motorcycle Ride Over A Non-Existent Bridge

Shame on me as I have been completely neglecting the blog since returning to Germany, and there are in fact more tales to come.  But as I am teaching English AND still working on my Masters, AND trying to learn …
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Iceland Bound”, Or “Better Late Than Never”, Or “Does This Seem Familiar To You?

2 days late is better than never! (3 if you want to really argue it, but Thursday evening was never really a plan, just a “what if”, so we are 2 days late and that is my story and I …
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