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Dropping Your Motorcycle: Perception Versus Reality

motorcycle cafe austria

Motorcycling can be a metaphor for life.  I am currently fleshing out the Turkey book and I am rewatching the Journizer videos of the trip. In the episode I am going to embed in this post, I talk about dropping …
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Choose Your Own Motorcycle Adventure

2 guys on motorcycles

I was a BMW girl. (I can’t say am, I sold my bike in Mongolia and with 2 babies it will be years before I buy a new one). But this choose your own adventure style video from Honda leaves …
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How to sail around the world with zero experience and no fuel?

unleash sailing

While questing for youtube videos on bluewater sailing we came across Pauli Juppi’s video “How to sail around the world with zero experience and no fuel?” a summary of his plan and a request for help in his project. Check …
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Part 2 of Sailing With A Toddler & A Dog: Lessons Learned

sailing with a dog

If you read last weeks post on sailing with a toddler and a dog, you could not be blamed for coming to the conclusion that I have sworn off the endeavour forever. If you had even asked me if I …
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Riding a Motorcycle to Turkey: But First You Need A German Motorcycle License

learning to ride

And the title refers to ME in particular needing a German motorcycle license rather than anyone at all. The first trip I did riding my own bike was in the summer of 2008 when Patrick and I rode from Germany …
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Fear Not & Take That Adventure

spider (Patricks motorcycle trip through Uruguay)

Afraid to start that grand adventure? Or even of spiders? Check out Chris Hadfield‘s TED talk on fear and space. You might reconsider the difference between fear and real danger. (And that scary hairy beast is from Patrick’s first world …
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London to Sydney Motorcycle Adventure Videos

I found these on Youtube while looking for motorcycle adventure videos, they are just fantastic! In total all 5 episodes clock in at just over an hour, but I think they are really worth the watch. And as they are …
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Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad

For those of you who would rather watch than read, check out this video from on his tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad. And again, this is one person’s view. You can always take less, you …
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Around The World On A Motorcycle

University of gravel roads book cover

Check out Rene’s interview on his four year long around the world on a motorcycle adventure. We met Rene in South America when he was still in the “early” stage of his trip, as in about a little over a …
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Problem With Fernweh English Edition On Amazon

Cover: Fernweh a trans continental motorcycle adventure

We do not normally look at the ratings of our books on Amazon (for any number of reasons, the most important being we get enough positive email about them that we figure we are doing something right) but Patrick did …
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