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Choose Your Own Motorcycle Adventure

2 guys on motorcycles

I was a BMW girl. (I can’t say am, I sold my bike in Mongolia and with 2 babies it will be years before I buy a new one). But this choose your own adventure style video from Honda leaves …
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Part 2 of Sailing With A Toddler & A Dog: Lessons Learned

sailing with a dog

If you read last weeks post on sailing with a toddler and a dog, you could not be blamed for coming to the conclusion that I have sworn off the endeavour forever. If you had even asked me if I …
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London to Sydney Motorcycle Adventure Videos

I found these on Youtube while looking for motorcycle adventure videos, they are just fantastic! In total all 5 episodes clock in at just over an hour, but I think they are really worth the watch. And as they are …
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Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad

For those of you who would rather watch than read, check out this video from on his tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad. And again, this is one person’s view. You can always take less, you …
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Around The World On A Motorcycle

University of gravel roads book cover

Check out Rene’s interview on his four year long around the world on a motorcycle adventure. We met Rene in South America when he was still in the “early” stage of his trip, as in about a little over a …
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A Bike Ride Through China: Part One


Video of the Mongolia/China slide show Patrick did for a presentation at a Horizon’s Unlimited travelers meeting on his trip around the world: This post (and it’s follow up) is taken from the chapter on China from the English translation …
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Back From Istanbul, Land Of Yummy Food, Bond & Bikes

Sorry for the long absence and lack of posts. There are many excuses but the real reason is that I was traveling for the past month with my parents. There was a decided lack of any motorcycles sadly, but the …
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Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai Meeting & Videos

Three weekends ago we had the pleasure of attending the Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai mini meeting held at Rider’s Corner. (I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that January is over and that the meeting was almost …
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What do people live for?

Mika a motorcycle traveller just sent this video to me. I liked it a lot so I wanted to share it 🙂  If you liked this post try these: Roundabouts From Hell Season’s Greetings From Newfoundland: Episode 8 of Journizing …
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