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Film clips about riding 2 BMW F650 from Germany over the Balkans to Turkey and back

Dropping Your Motorcycle: Perception Versus Reality

motorcycle cafe austria

Motorcycling can be a metaphor for life.  I am currently fleshing out the Turkey book and I am rewatching the Journizer videos of the trip. In the episode I am going to embed in this post, I talk about dropping …
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Riding a Motorcycle to Turkey: But First You Need A German Motorcycle License

learning to ride

And the title refers to ME in particular needing a German motorcycle license rather than anyone at all. The first trip I did riding my own bike was in the summer of 2008 when Patrick and I rode from Germany …
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Anyone Looking To Ship A Motorcycle From Russia To Chile In October?

Trip planning is in full swing and we have run up against our first full snag: shipping the bikes from Vladivostok to Valparaiso.  When Patrick shipped his bike from Korea to Chile he paid just under 500 US for the …
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Season’s Greetings From Newfoundland!

A late post and late Christmas wishes to those who celebrate the season from Newfoundland!  Patrick and I are celebrating this year with my family as next year we plan to celebrate it in Ushuaia Argentina with other motorcycle travellers.  …
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Dreaming Of Bulgaria On A Wet Rainy Sunday Or Episode 07

It has been a while since I have posted in the blog as the last post was written by Patrick and even that was a bit of time ago. (My excuses include work and starting NaNoWriMo to write about Iceland, …
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More Tales Of The Land Of Ice & Rain To Come..Till Then Enjoy A Motorcycle Ride Over A Non-Existent Bridge

Shame on me as I have been completely neglecting the blog since returning to Germany, and there are in fact more tales to come.  But as I am teaching English AND still working on my Masters, AND trying to learn …
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I Was Serious About The Food, Or A Little History For You

Success!  We rode from Southern Iceland through the interior to Northern Iceland and no one was hurt!  Perhaps this was aided in part by the fact that we bought 6 chocolate bars before we ventured in.  Patrick has learned from …
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Iceland Bound”, Or “Better Late Than Never”, Or “Does This Seem Familiar To You?

2 days late is better than never! (3 if you want to really argue it, but Thursday evening was never really a plan, just a “what if”, so we are 2 days late and that is my story and I …
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Journizer Episode 2: Getting A German Motorcycle License, And Things To Think About When Planning A Major Trip

When we planned our first motorcycle trip together as 2 riders rather than a rider and pillion, we were ignoring one vital detail. On the one hand we had traveled together before through South America and an Eastern European trip, …
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The Evil Neighbor

I wrote a book about my first world trip with Emma (you find her story on the about the authors page as well), and the following is an excerpt from my book. The best part is that this is not …
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