Hide… or Seek? When People Don’t Support Your Dream


This guest post by Brittany was first published on her blog www.windtraveler.net. Brittany and Scott live and travel with their little girl Isla ak sea monkey on their boat which is not always perceived very well by outsiders. This post will …
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Sailing around the world, a new dream emerges


It has now been 18 months since we returned from our world trip and settled down in Berlin. Slowly but surely the travel itch has started to build up again.
It’s time to make new plans. Big plans. Time to plan for the next couple of years to come. I dug out a childhood dream of mine: Sailing around the world.
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Android app SmashwordsAccess fixed

Smashwords Access for Android

SmashwordsAccess lets you browse and download ebooks from Smashwords directly to your favorite reader app. Smashwords has updated their website a couple of days ago. Since the SmashwordsAccess Android App gets its information from the website it stopped working. With …
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Women Overland Adventure Motorcycle Riders: Deniz of Cosmosianstravels

Deniz on her motorcycle

I love this interview with Deniz of cosmosianstravels. Not only does she have an amazing bike (a BMW F650 of course!) but she has very wise words for anyone thinking of embarking on an overland motorcycle adventure. Or any adventure …
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Interview: Patrick’s Motorcycle Adventures & Budgeting

Motorcycle Adventure Mongolia

Patrick recently gave an interview to QNBikes on our past motorcycle adventures including budgeting and costs. Check the interview out here and one comment on the budget, we lived off of 30 Euro a day in total in South East …
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Learning To Ride A Motorcycle in Thailand With Kimberly Byrant: Women Overland Motorcycle Riders

Kimberly Byrant profile picture

  I had the pleasure of meeting Kim in Thailand at the Horizon’s Unlimited Motorcycle Meeting in Chaing Mai. She is one amazing woman and a phenomenal photographer (as you will see.) I can not say enough wonderful things about this woman …
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Solo Sailing Trip Across The Atlantic


Although our blog has been primarily a motorcycle adventure blog, I like to think we are open to all kinds of adventure. And since the birth of our child Patrick has been really pushing the sailing as a family angle. …
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Around The World On A Motorcycle

University of gravel roads book cover

Check out Rene’s interview on his four year long around the world on a motorcycle adventure. We met Rene in South America when he was still in the “early” stage of his trip, as in about a little over a …
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A Sailing Adventure: Book Review Of Love With A Chance Of Drowning

Love With A Chance Of Drowning

The short of it: go out and buy Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche and read it and love it right now! For the long of it read on after the following book trailer: I stumbled across …
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Motorcycles Make The World Even Smaller

motorcycles make the world smaller featured image

And I do not just mean they make it smaller in the sense that they let you ride the world. Rather they lead to pictures like the following, where a German guy (who lives in Switzerland), an Indian guy and …
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