Abundance Over Stuff & A Great Talk From Teresa Carey of Sailing Simplicity

a little sailboat with a family on it

At the risk of too much of a good thing is simply an overdone thing, I will post two Ted talks back to back. After all, when you are looking for the inspiration (which is often another word for courage) …
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Fear Not & Take That Adventure

spider (Patricks motorcycle trip through Uruguay)

Afraid to start that grand adventure? Or even of spiders? Check out Chris Hadfield‘s TED talk on fear and space. You might reconsider the difference between fear and real danger. (And that scary hairy beast is from Patrick’s first world …
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Sailing around the world, inspiration!

Mango Sailing Dog

So the dream to sail around the world has been pulled into daylight. But every dream needs to grow and be mulled over in order to become (step by step) a reality. We needed inspiration and even more information. Where …
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Russia With Motorcycle Slideshow & Blog Lovin Test

Russian Flag at Lake Baikal

And a video of part of Patrick’s motorcycle trip through Russia the first time around to go with it so its not just a floating link. Watch it just for the music! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Want To Read Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Adventure in German? Or Even In English?

Iceland - a stormy motorcycle adventure

We have decided to dip our toes into the world of crowdfunding to see if we can get a German translation of Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey out. We have found a translator who is willing to do the book …
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Book Update: Unleash Your Writer Workbook Is Out

writer unleashed workbook

Unleash Your Writer: A Workbook To Help You Start & Finish Your Writing Projects is finished and out on Smashwords and Amazon! And what it is about: Writing is far too often the unachievable dream or the dirty little secret …
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How Not To Fly Solo With A Baby

How Not To Fly Solo With A Baby

I have done what many fear to do. And I am not talking about any adventures with a motorcycle. I am talking about flying solo with a baby. I am starting to consider myself to be an expert. Why always …
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Free Course On Motorcycle Travel

motorcycle trip lake baikal

For those of you looking at going on a big motorcycle trip you might want to pop over to http://motorcycletravel.info/. They are offering a free e course on how to prepare! I first found the link over on Horizons Unlimited, …
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London to Sydney Motorcycle Adventure Videos

I found these on Youtube while looking for motorcycle adventure videos, they are just fantastic! In total all 5 episodes clock in at just over an hour, but I think they are really worth the watch. And as they are …
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Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad

For those of you who would rather watch than read, check out this video from www.motorcyclememoir.com on his tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad. And again, this is one person’s view. You can always take less, you …
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