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Long time no write! In the 3 weeks since we left Italy we have covered 6000 kms and we are now in Samara, Russia. Our route is a little more zig with zag then originally planned but it has been nothing short of awesome.  Today it is melting hot along the Volga and so we are taking the day to do all our internet stuff and the evening will be spent exploring. I am going to write up the events of the past few weeks and then use the nifty post option to publish the posts over the next couple of days. That way there should be some more regular posting even if I do not have the internet access to do so! (That also means if I am not ignoring your email even if posts are going up, I did it all today! Waha!)

The first couple of days were more or less just riding, my pictures total perhaps 50 for 5 countries. So a few of my favs, before the trip reports start!

My fav was the one on the Serbian border:




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