A Kick Back To Russia & The Joys Of Couch Surfing

As we get ready to hit Laos’ route 13 I have decided to autopost a couple of articles so the blog does not go into radio silence. So sorry if your comment is not moderated, as soon as I have internet I will be checking the comments first thing!

The latest Chasing Summer article (and the last for 2011, the Indy is on a Christmas hiatus) is an article I wrote over the summer that we decided to hold in reserve in case at some point I could not get access to the internet. It is hard to believe but in this day and age it still happens, particularly when you get lost in the jungles of Cambodia. Couch surfing with Anna has been one of the highlights of my trip, and not just because it meant I got to cook with an ex Soviet engineer who use to work on top secret tank plans. (Although really, without couch surfing how else would I ever had had that experience?) But getting to meet Anna herself and basking in that girl’s joy for life reminded me why I travel in the first place.

Why is mine always the odd one out???


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