A new adventure has begun

We are still in Berlin, holding out against the bitter cold winter wind and are not moving much at all (for now).

Nevertheless a new big adventure has begun. Probably the biggest of our lives. No, we are not flying to the moon (although one day we might) nor are we taking a canoe down the Amazon in order to find some exotic indigenous tribe.

Its seems much simpler but will be probably way more complicated. But it started simple at least. That was almost at the end of our last world trip, in Newfoundland. Now nine months later the result is finally here:

World Trip Baby

Emma-Justine Marie Schweizer

She is the best souvenir we could have possible brought back home from our trip… 😀

Her proud parents,
Sherrie & Patrick

PS: Yes I know Emma was the name of the bike I rode on my first big motorcycle trip. I still think it’s a good name :D. I kind of grew used to it. Besides, it’s also the one of her great grandma.

Emma around the world motorcycle


About Patrick

Patrick is a German engineer who likes motorcycles, world trips, offroad riding and his computer. If he is not traveling he usually tries to found a company or two.

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  1. Flavio Machado says:

    Congratulations and thak you for the insights, I just got your book from Amazon.
    Now I’ll recognize you by the BMW with a pink sidecar.

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