A Sailing Adventure: Book Review Of Love With A Chance Of Drowning

The short of it: go out and buy Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche and read it and love it right now! For the long of it read on after the following book trailer:

I stumbled across this book while searching for books on sailing. It promised to be funny (always a plus when reading about adventure, no need to take yourself too seriously!) and the clincher for me was that the author did not even want to sail. Out of all the books I had been looking at this was the one that spoke to my soul! And not just because her adventure starts with a stranger in a bar and a one night stand that sort of, well, defeats the whole purpose of having a one night stand. Although with a beginning like that how could I not want to read the book. If she replaced a sailboat with a motorcycle and an Argentinian with a German, she would have had the start of Patrick and me. So yes, that helped me fall for the story right away. But much more importantly, this was the first book I had found where the author was not starting out on a dream about to be fulfilled. In fact, she was terrified. And not just the normal jitters before heading out on an adventure. This was a woman who was afraid of the ocean. Because the ocean is scary. And since I too am a potential but reluctant sailor, I loved the very idea that a book existed that dealt with my very fears.

What really made me fall madly in love with her writing (and has elevated her to my new number one girl crush) was her honest approach to the fear of going on an adventure (and that applies to any and all adventures, as can be witnessed on her blog). The book was about sailing but you could easily replace “boat” with “bike” or “train” or “plane” or any other number of scary adventure endeavours. In fact, I have Patrick reading it now and the first thing he said to me about it was how easily this book could be about motorcycle adventures, especially how everyone tells you how dangerous it is and that to go on such a trip is practically, if not flat out, suicidal. Everyone that is except for the people who have done it, who all encourage you to “go for it” and have the time of your life.

So if you are looking for a fun read that still manages to address the very real issues of chasing a dream and going on an adventure,you can not go wrong with this book!

You can find Torre’s blog here: Fearful Adventurer

Mango is always ready to sail:



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