A Tip For Trip Planning – Try Not To Plan

Leaving AlbaniaWhen planning for a trip – especially a motorcycle trip – the only planning I would really advise is to cover all the legal aspects of your trip. I highly advise having the legal requirements of entry for yourself and your vehicle covered such as Visas and when and how to obtain them, as well as knowing if your bike needs a carnet for your planned countries or not, and if you need things like vaccinations.

As for the actual trip itself, one of the most important lessons that I have often had to relearn, is that changing the plan is part of the plan. If you are not able to be open and flexible you are going to be missing out on much of what makes a motorcycle adventure so amazing.

With a tent you have the freedom to go where you want!

mongolia wild camping

Sure at times it can be frustrating but is also that which makes life on the road so much richer. Everything is an adventure and clinging to control is not just futile, but joy sucking. That is not to say jump on the bike and ride away – although that is what we have often done. But rather that instead of clinging to the way you think the trip should turn out try living in the moment instead.

Experiencing the trip you are having rather than the one you planned out, can mean the difference between the trip of a lifetime and one of disappointments and frustration.

Victim of the Nýidalur river

Again, do not get me wrong, there will be a lot of frustration and disappointment on any motorcycle trip. If you wanted the easy way you would be on a package tour somewhere. But that flat tire in the middle of nowhere is a lot less frustrating when you do not have the worry of making it to the city by tomorrow. And if you are one of those people who like to plan your days down to the second and yet insist on motorcycle travel, I would suggest learning to let go or sticking to the highways and the known roads. Because the only thing that stays constant on such a trip is that things will always change.

Sometimes you really surprise yourself. Getting Mango was never part of the plan.dog on a bike

dog on a bike


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