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Patrick & Sherrie met while Patrick was on his first world trip in 2004 with Emma, a BMW R 100 GS Paris-Dakar. Riding from Germany through Russia and into Mongolia, Patrick ended up in South Korea where he decided to teach English on a freelance basis while Emma made her journey across the sea to Chile. Wandering into a bar one night he met Sherrie, who was also an English teacher in Seoul, and who more importantly, had access to hot showers in her apartment (a luxury that was not provided by his 10 dollar a night hostel). As it was the end of October and winter was beginning to make itself felt in the land, he thought it would be prudent to continue the relationship, unbeknown to him that when he offered Sherrie the chance to join him in South America he was in fact asking her to fulfill a dream of hers to visit Chile, and she would actually take him up on the offer.

Now they call Germany home, where they both ride BMW F 650 GSs and are constantly plotting or on a motorcycle journey (at the moment on a trip from Germany to Newfoundland).

Interested in us as individuals? Then read on!

About Patrick

Patrick is by day the quintessential German engineer and a self taught computer software developer. His alter ego however prefers a motorcycle, a tent, and a fire in which to grill his food over. Born and raised in the south of Germany, he is also a proud Swabian. For those unfamiliar with the various clans of Germany, that translates into a first class saver. (Although this frustrated his not so penny conscious partner in crime at first, upon realizing that a 60 Euro dress could mean 2 days on the road by bike, she was quickly reformed, with a only few temper tantrums required). This penny consciousness allowed him to take off after his university degree on his first world trip on a motorcycle. Patrick wrote a book about the experience (in German) titled Fernweh.

After returning to Germany and eventually admitting that that girl who followed him to South America and now back to Germany was probably not going to go back to Canada anytime soon, he accepted his fate and planned a three month motorcycle trip to Turkey and back. He prides himself on traveling light and traveling smart. He never fails to amaze Sherrie about the random things about functionality that he notices and that are not even a blip on her radar. His next major trip will be Iceland followed by a world trip in 2011.

About Sherrie

Sherrie is a Newfoundland girl that was a hopeless wanderer and poverty stricken backpacker (outside of a brief stint when she worked in Japan and had a taste of what it felt like to travel AND to able to afford to eat AND have a bed to sleep in all at the same time) before Patrick reformed her backpacking ways. Sherrie fell into English teaching because she could not believe anyone would actually pay her to talk AND travel. Although she moans about the hours sometimes, despite an almost sickening penchant for wracking up educational certificates, she keeps returning to the English teaching world because, well, no one else lets her take off for months at a time on a motorcycle (and before that throughout Asia and Europe).

After agreeing to meet Patrick in South America and getting on a motorcycle for the first time in her life she fell in love with the experience. At the time rather naive (she found the 1000 km stretch from Buenos Aires to the Iguazu Falls “thrilling”) she has since decided being a pillion is not her style and subjected herself to the masochistic feat of getting her German motorcycle license. Since then she has ridden Betty, her BMW F 650 GS, from Germany to Turkey and back, and various smaller trips around Europe. Like Patrick her next trip is to Iceland, followed by a world trip.


5 Responses to About Sherrie & Patrick

  1. Steinunn Kristjansson says:

    Hi. Just wanted to thank you for your book about your trip to Iceland.
    As an Icelander and a motorcyclist living in Norway I found myself homesick 🙂 and it fueled me more to take my bike home and travel the country on it. (It’s about 16 years since last road-trip on a bike in Iceland).. and now it is scheduled for next year.
    I wish you the best of luck on your rides and lots of fun.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely

    • Sherrie Sherrie says:

      Hello Steinunn, I love that you enjoyed the book and that it inspired you to book the motorcycle trip home! You have the most amazing country in the world for motorcycling! Even after this world trip I still rank Iceland as the most amazing place to visit, particulary the interior! It was not the easiest, but then when is easy ever the most memorable? 😉 We will go back for sure. Do keep us posted about your trip!

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