Adventure Riding Along The Mekong in Cambodia Part 2

If there is a part 1 there has to be a part 2, and this one is in 3 parts. But we did a little repeat of the jungle adventure in Laos and we were without internet for almost a week! So here is part 2, once again mostly visual, which is good, because the internet connection here is DODGEY and I would hate to spend Christmas inside an Asian prison because I lost everything I typed and ended up throwing my laptop out a window. Pictures are easy to get back, so anger level should remain low in the case where the nets decide to eat this post!

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As we rode off into what was no longer a real road, we were not so concerned, the dirt road led down to the Mekong, and we had to cross over with a rather interesting ferry:

I am rather glad I asked Patrick to get her up the hill, I HATE sand.

And when an older woman started to yell at us and pointed that we should go back, we decided to ignore her. The dude grinned and pointed in the direction we wanted to go while nodding his head.  The woman yelled some more and told us no, or something to that effect. We figured we could always turn around if it got too bad.

Somewhere around here we accepted we may be in over our heads, but we were having too good of a time to turn around:

We knew that the main road (as in the one we wanted to avoid because of too many trucks and cars) was no more than 12 kms away.  We had gas, we had water, and if worse came to wrose we could walk out.  Plus we would hit the occasional farm in the middle of nowhere where a farmer would come out, point to a track he had made previously, and tell us to follow it.

That night was coming meant not so much to us.  We had our tent again, and although well aware of landmines in rural areas, we camped where the ground was well trampled, we assumed by some of the cows we would ride past.

In fact the panic did not set in until we found our road out. And then our hearts sank. Our way out was blocked by a number of rather dead trees….
















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