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About Patrick

Patrick is a German engineer who likes motorcycles, world trips, offroad riding and his computer. If he is not traveling he usually tries to found a company or two.

SmashwordsAccess for Android problems with certificate

For a couple of days now we have been getting reports from our users that they can’t use SmashwordsAccess anymore, it says “Not trusted server certificate“. What happened? SmashwordsAccess uses an encrypted connection (SSL) to talk to the Smashwords site, …
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Mango the sailing dog

Since we adopted Mango (actually I think he adopted us) in Thailand he became a seasoned traveler. He rides ferries, trains, motorcycles vans no problem. This time he learnes how to sail.
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Germany to Newfoundland Riding home the crazy way

We made it. We are back in Germany as of two weeks ago! The whole trip went differently as planned (of course) but was nevertheless, well lets say probably because of it, a fantastic one: We started from Germany and …
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Time to go home: See ya Newfoundland – Servus Germany

All trips end at some point, even long ones. We have been on the road for over a year but now its time to go home. The last six weeks we stayed in Newfoundland with Sherrie’s parents, visited her family …
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Summer is over in Newfoundland

Today I looked at the weather forecast. It looked like most days lately. Welcome to Newfoundlands summer! Sherrie’s dad is obsessed with the sun and hot, dry weather. At night he sneaks into the kitchen and pops up the laptop …
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Fjords, Geyser, Iceberg and bloody feet: the Newfoundland Eastcoast Trail

Newfoundland has a beautiful coastline with fjords, clear water, sea birds, eagles, moose, flowers, icebergs and even geysers. The best part is that if there is sunshine and no storm raging outside, you can actually see all of that. A …
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One year on the road!

Teaser Sherrie First Day of World Trip

On May 27th 2011 we left Germany to ride to Newfoundland on motorbikes. That would be: 1 year on the road! Happy traveling to us 🙂 We almost forgot about it but my brother just skyped me from Indonesia, he …
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Smashwords Access for Android released in Google Play app store

Today we published Smashwords Access for Android in the Google Play Appstore. We are pretty proud 😉 Try it, its for free.
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A Newfoundland bay party: Heartattack, Lobster and Rum

Janine decided to show me real life in the bay and invited us to her cousins cabin party in Cupids. I almost didn’t make it there since my life was at stake in the liquor store. Not because of alcohol …
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Maps of Iceland

Once in a while we get questions about the route we took through Iceland, especially the interior. Voilà, here they are. The maps are taken from Sherries ebook: Iceland – a stormy motorcycle adventure.
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