Beer In Samara

Our days were spent in the fair city of Samara enjoying the use of free wi fi at the hostel. With the temperature hovering at 40 degrees Celsius (sometimes 38, but sometimes 42), even without our full gear I was afraid of doing a witch of the west impression. Add to that that we had also been almost a full week without Internet, and staying inside and having an internet day was not the worse of fates for us. 😉

The early evening however, when everything cooled down, meant that we could venture about in comfort and enjoy strolling along the Volga river,

 appreciating the church (which overlooked the parking lot where our bikes were parked)

and we could cool off with beer! Beer that was purchased at one Euro per liter, and was injected straight into our 5 liter bottle that awaited it, allowing the beer to complete the bottles reason for existing:

And making someone else incredibly happy as well:

I never saw him that happy again until his girlfriend arrived in Novosibirsk!

Me, I fell in love with the salty stringy cheese, that the German is seen above enjoying, that at first he had to push down my throat, me the entire time screaming about how disgusting it looked (and the fact it was just hanging there in the stall did not go far to endeavoring its case). One taste however and I became a cheese fiend!  Going so far as to snap at fingers that tried to pull a stringy piece of love off for themselves!


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