Boat For Sale: Randers Sagitta 20

sagitta sail boat for saleWe are selling our boat, a Randers Sagitta 20, proudly named the Pinguin! (We never changed names when we bought it, we thought the name suited the boat so well). The prospect : Randers Sagitta 20 – Pinguin Verkauf that the link takes you to is in German, and the boat is in Berlin, but I still feel it might be of interest to our readers to know what the new year has in store for us in terms of the next steps in our plan to sail off as a family. And that includes buying a bigger boat and selling our small one.

Our time with the Pinguin was quite short but that has less to do with the boat and more to do with the growing size of our family. At 6.5 meters it has a lot more space than you would normally give a boat that size credit for.  (And I am using it, as I have talked about this before, but I feel the Pinguin defies boat gender roles and is firmly and proudly gender neutral). But I won’t stop you from changing it back to a girl if you buy it.  😉 We have had up to 5 adults, a dog and a baby on day sails on Wannsee without problems.

BBQ Time On Wannsee in Berlin With the Pinguin:


Looking Out:


And we have had up to 3 adults plus a dog spend the weekend on it together:

Saying goodbye to the boat after cruising up to Szczecin


And Patrick is really a little heartbroken we can’t have two boats. Because as a place to hang out on the weekend the Pinguin really does rock. Even my parents enjoyed it, and my mother is not a sailing fan!


My father and brother were much more into the idea!




But two boats (and more importantly paying for 2 places year round to keep our boats!) is not in the cards. And for me, long term sailing on the Pinguin is out. With 2 babies (or a toddler and a baby) I want to stand up and move around inside as well as out. What would be ok for just Patrick and me (and Mango!) is not viable for 5 of us for anything longer than a weekend.

And so we have found what we hope is our long term boat. I don’t want to write too much about it as we have not bought it yet. And I do not want to jinx it. (Although if it falls through I will write about that as well. But right now we shall leave it at we are looking and it’s the first boat we’ve seen that I actually want!).

So the Pinguin is for sale and we are looking at the next phase of seeing if sailing around the world as a family is in the cards for us!



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