Book Review: Beating about the bush by The Foreplayers

And Now For Something Completely Different Or You Had Me At Corn Porn, an erotic satire.
To be more accurate, it was the declaration that Beating About The Bush was corn porn combined with the following picture that had me wanting to sign up and review:

So yes, this post is a step away from motorcycles and travel, although not completely as the book has both! But if you are the type of person who can not laugh about sex then read no further. Also if you are under 18. I have no idea if reviewing naughty books that make you laugh (and without going into details beyond plot) is fit for young eyes or not. But given the recent paypal fiasco I just want to play it safe!

The premise of the book is as follows (from the amazon Beating About page):

Upon meeting voluptuous Samantha at the exclusive Bundu Lodge in Kenya, General Manager George, wonders if this new guest can eliminate sexual difficulties inflicted by the beautifully toxic ¡La Bella Donna!. Samantha, wants an African experience, and hopes to snare a local Samburu chief. Instead, she mistakes a snared buffalo for a breed of cattle reared on her late father’s ranch and releases the wild beast. The chief and entire Samburu tribe, turn on Sam in anger. More accustomed to the cement jungles of Wall Street than Africa, Samantha stumbles back to The Lodge, where distraught and disorientated and in the dark, she mistakes Cazzino, owner of The Lodge, for George. She’s engulfed in passion she’s never before experienced. But Cazzino’s dominatrix wife is with him, as are Texan billionaires who’ve been encouraged by Ulla to buy The Lodge. Cazzino is reticent to sell. Sam can’t decide between Cazzino and George, and is constantly aroused. When the three-some witness Cazzino’s Swedish siren frolicking with the Texans in a hippo-created mud bath, Cazzino seizes the chance to oust Ulla. But the Samburu chief emerges, and drags the mud encrusted Ulla to his hut. It’s a case of mistaken identity. He believes his hostage is Sam, who has incurred his wrath for freeing the buffalo. The bondage queen, chained and abused, plots her escape. Upon the chief’s return Ulla knocks him unconscious, and flees to the nearest haven of safety—George’s Land Rover. Meanwhile Cazzino, emerging from a drunken, dope filled stupor, has arranged for ¡La Bella Donna!’s arrival as a gift for George, inadvertently providing the only form of life saving transport for the stricken Ulla—his helicopter. Cazzino’s surprise backfires—Sam and George have already consummated their romance. Their relationship falters when a secret from a shared past comes to light, threatening to break all moral codes.

Sounds like madness? Good because it is. The first half of the book I was laughing out loud. It was less titillation and much more obscene puns. It was very much what you might expect when four women on four different continents decide to write an erotic satire by email. I would share some of the more classic puns and play on words but I’m afraid you will shut down my blog or I will never be allowed to access my palpay account again.

However, half way through the book the plot takes a twist that brings the book out of the realm of pure absurdity (even if it is of the fun kind) to satire. Ulla’s predicament has you questioning just why you loved to hate her a few pages before hand and shines a light on society’s attitude towards the victimization of women. The foreplayers do not leave you there for an overtly long time but it is long enough for you to rethink some of your own perceptions.

Then you are off again on the rest of the wild ride. For me it was far less erotica and much more pure fun. And I think the foreplayers would argue that was exactly what their book was about, and that we should be able to laugh at sex as well as ourselves.

Available on Smashwords and Amazon for your e reading pleasure.


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