Book Update: Unleash Your Writer Workbook Is Out

A Writers Workbook To Start and Finish your projects

Unleash Your Writer: A Workbook To Help You Start & Finish Your Writing Projects is finished and out on Smashwords and Amazon!

And what it is about:

Writing is far too often the unachievable dream or the dirty little secret of too many writers. The reasons are many and often valid such as a lack of time or the paralyzing terror that everyone is going to laugh at you. The wonders of the Internet and the self-publishing revolution means not only that your dreams are closer than ever before it also means so are the distractions …. and the possibility your high school bully will mock you and post it on Facebook for your still pinned for love to read. So you can convince yourself that even if you had the time you are not that special brand of masochist. Unleash Your Writer is a workbook that aims to get you past your fears and writing, be your goal either to get your words out into the world or as a hobby writer. This workbook sets out to get you to do the work needed to stop talking or wishing you were writing and instead actually write. It is not a book on how to structure or develop a story, play or poem. It is a workbook to get you past your own hang ups, both the internal and external, to get you writing. Or to make peace with why you are not.

In the end it is the same as I wrote over on my writer blog:

It is a workbook that aims at asking the questions needed to get you to step back, look at what you need to do to get writing and then actually get writing. Because just like motorcycling in Iceland, Mongolia or South East Asia, if I can do it, trust me, ANYONE can.


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