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We have been in Mongolia for almost 2 weeks exactly and the only thing I can say is that it is wonderful. The landscape is amazing and the roads an off roaders dream. (But it can quickly become a nightmare if it rains too much, we luckily have avoided the rain for the most part. One rainy day meant one wrecked bike. But easily repaired thanks to multi-purpose ties! But that story is coming later).

The only real problem with Mongolia has been the food. ARGH the food. I will cut this part of an email I sent to my childhood best friend Tracey:

So now my birthday is being spent at a British owned cafe that we spent 2 days riding towards because Lonely Planet said they had real food. (I am not joking, the past 2 weeks my diet has consisted of apples when we find them, pasta, and mutton pancakes, which is basically crepes with sheep or goat inside.  Which one is a surprise!). Even I am starting to turn my nose up at cookies and chocolate, because that is the only thing we can buy besides pasta and the occasional apple in these shops. I think Mongolians are completely self sufficient so the only things they need to buy are sugar based junk food.

So for me, this is an ideal birthday in Mongolia. Having our bikes here means we can see the best part of Mongolia at will. But a proper breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast, fried tomato and bacon with REAL coffee (not the 3 in 1 kind we have been drinking since the Ukraine) means I am in birthday breakfast heaven. (We have not had that kind of breakfast since Germany). And that they have wi fi means I can start uploading all my pictures to Flickr so they are backed up safely. And I can write everyone those long neglected emails! And I can update Unleash, and I can have coffee the whole day, and I can eat a meal of Burgers and french fries for supper! (I have no qualms about eating happy animals, it is industrial meat production that I have a problem with, and all the animals in Mongolia seem pretty happy. Apart that is from the last 5 minutes when they are whacked onto the back of a motorcycle, sped to a location away from the others, and they are cut open and a man reaches inside and flips their heart upside down. But since the whole thing lasts all of 5 minutes and the death part the goats and sheep do not even get a chance to let out a full bleaaaaa before they are dead, I count it as a good death after a great life of frolicking on the open steppes).

 And I can pass on that the next article in my Chasing Summer series is also out, on our time in Romania. The naked comment is not entirely without basis, check out the discussion in Toytown!

 Now I go to try to update the blog to now, lets see how far I get! 😛 But I will post them over the next few days, so again even though posts are going up they were written today and autoposted for a future date!

 And random picture to make the post prettier!



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