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Happy New Year

It may be the middle of the month but better late than never! Happy New Year! At the moment I am in Canada visiting family and Patrick is on a plane on his way to meet us. He is joining …
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The Coolest Ride In Berlin

I do not know who this belongs to, but I feel a deep and choking envy of them. There is just nothing more to say.        

Germany to Newfoundland Riding home the crazy way

We made it. We are back in Germany as of two weeks ago! The whole trip went differently as planned (of course) but was nevertheless, well lets say probably because of it, a fantastic one: We started from Germany and …
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Buying & Riding A Motorcycle In South East Asia

Our trip to Austin has been successful! Mango and Opi have had a great time together, we have had a wonderful visit with our friend Nadia, and we finally released Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia! It …
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Selling The Bikes In Malaysia

The newest Chasing Summer is out for your reading enjoyment, on my experience selling Temari in Malaysia. Patrick had a slightly easier go of it, but I would not be me if even something as simple as crossing a border …
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Chasing Summer: Needing A Vacation From Your Vacation

First off: yes, it was my choice to go for that picture of me! 😛 Too often we only see the pretty pictures of a dream completed, not the ones of the blood, sweat and tears that go into the …
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Buying Honda Waves In Asia: Was The Moscoot Worth It?

Short Answer: Y E S ! Being a biker over a backpacker almost ALWAYS wins. Big time. But thats not the topic for this post. We wanted to find out: was it financially worth it and how much did it …
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Ten Ten Is Sold: A Wrap Up Of How We Did It

Sherrie’s Note:  And by we, Patrick means he,  as I am currently still in Songkhla, Thailand with Mango, who at the moment is recovering from the removal of his testicles. I will sell Temari next week, but I digress, on …
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Don’t Mess With The Moscoot

What the Volkswagen Beetle was to Germany after the second world war is the moscout to Asia. Namely it mobilizes the masses. But if you think its only good for transporting a person or two at a time, you don’t …
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What The Honda Wave Can Handle Or Laos Off-Road Adventure Time

As we are about to spend some time riding Northern Laos I have written a couple of posts to be autoposted over the next couple of days. That means the blog does not go dead for a week at a …
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