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Honda Wave – Our Moscouter for Asia

As you might know we rearranged our plans and bought two bikes in Malaysia. We have ridden now almost 3.000 kms on them, time for a review. The Honda Wave falls into a special category of bikes. They look like …
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From A BMW 650 To A 125 Honda Wave: Newest Chasing Summer Is Out

The latest installment in the Chasing Summer series is out! Bye Bye Betty is a much more coherent summary of the decision making process that led us to sell the bikes in Mongolia and continue our trip in South East …
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Why Honda Sucks & BMW Rocks

(And this is not sponsored in any way by BMW, although we would gladly and unashamedly accept their money). Back in the 1980’s the Western world was living a life of unmitigated excess. Michael Jackson sold millions AND was still …
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