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Happy New Year

It may be the middle of the month but better late than never! Happy New Year! At the moment I am in Canada visiting family and Patrick is on a plane on his way to meet us. He is joining …
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Summer In Newfoundland: A Photo Essay

We spent the summer in Newfoundland so if you noticed that Unleash went a little quiet, rest assured it was not because we were not busy! Instead it was a summer of discovery and fun! As we checked out marine …
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Mango Unleashed: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels The World

We never made an official announcement. Mango Unleashed: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels the World is out on e-book available at Smashwords and on Amazon for $3.99 U.S.  Poor Mango! He is such an awesome dog but once again his …
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Summer is over in Newfoundland

Today I looked at the weather forecast. It looked like most days lately. Welcome to Newfoundlands summer! Sherrie’s dad is obsessed with the sun and hot, dry weather. At night he sneaks into the kitchen and pops up the laptop …
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Fjords, Geyser, Iceberg and bloody feet: the Newfoundland Eastcoast Trail

Newfoundland has a beautiful coastline with fjords, clear water, sea birds, eagles, moose, flowers, icebergs and even geysers. The best part is that if there is sunshine and no storm raging outside, you can actually see all of that. A …
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A Newfoundland bay party: Heartattack, Lobster and Rum

Janine decided to show me real life in the bay and invited us to her cousins cabin party in Cupids. I almost didn’t make it there since my life was at stake in the liquor store. Not because of alcohol …
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A German Tourist in Newfoundland

Sherrie dragged me around the whole world to get to Newfoundland, her storm blown home in the North Atlantic. The good news is: We made it.
Then the hard part was to start: Sherrie decided I needed to experience the Newfie way. I became very scared.
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Getting Your Dog Into Canada Is Easier Than Getting In A German

We have arrived in BC! Safe and sound with only two things of note. The more amusing of the two happened in Seoul airport. Our flight from Bangkok to Seoul was only 5 hours but it departed at 12 am. …
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