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Adventure motorcycle riding

Maps of Iceland

Once in a while we get questions about the route we took through Iceland, especially the interior. Voilà, here they are. The maps are taken from Sherries ebook: Iceland – a stormy motorcycle adventure.
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Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai Meeting & Videos

Three weekends ago we had the pleasure of attending the Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai mini meeting held at Rider’s Corner. (I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that January is over and that the meeting was almost …
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Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey E-book Is Out!

Finished just in time (I said November and it came out the last day in November, wa ha!) Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey has been published in e-book form! At the moment I am going to leave it at the …
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Help Us Choose A Book Cover For My Iceland Memoir

I need help! I am tying to find a cover for my Iceland travel memoir. Readers of our packlist know that the book is due out sometime this month and it looks like it will be ready by the end …
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Our Budget For Iceland: What We Spent & Where We Spent It

The first thing that most people consider when they begin to plan a trip is “can I afford it?” We describe how much we have spent and the ways to save money in Iceland to turn it into an affordable and great trip.
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Tourist Traps For Your Birthday

It does sound like a disease, but just as you know the ways certain diseases are spread, yet in the heat of the moment you can not resist and fall into something nasty, so is it with the tourist trap.  …
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Iceland Does Not Give Up It’s Treasures Easily” Or “The Road To Askja Is Not So Much Difficult As Damned

We debate how many times we tried to visit Askja.  I say 3, because there were 3 days when we actually said we were going to Askja that day, and the third time is a charm.  Patrick however says 4, …
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Lambchops IS Out To Get You

It would appear to be a generally accepted fact what the murderous motives of Iceland’s fluffy livestock in fact are: So it is not just me.

Why Did I Deny Myself Orange Club Cookies For So Long & Other Tales Of Oatmeal‏

First off, since arriving here in Iceland I have been treating myself to coffee soaked cookies just about every morning.  It is delicious and divine.  Normally they are either of the oatmeal variety, or Jacobs Club chocolate cookies.  And then …
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Clever, Not Beautiful

Patrick and I have come up with some “little jokes” over the weather in Iceland. Such as: What do you call sunshine in Iceland? A lie! And our favorite: What is a good day in Iceland? Rain and wind at …
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