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Buying and riding a motorcycle in Malaysia

Buying & Riding A Motorcycle In South East Asia

Our trip to Austin has been successful! Mango and Opi have had a great time together, we have had a wonderful visit with our friend Nadia, and we finally released Buying and Riding a Motorcycle in South East Asia! It …
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Selling The Bikes In Malaysia

The newest Chasing Summer is out for your reading enjoyment, on my experience selling Temari in Malaysia. Patrick had a slightly easier go of it, but I would not be me if even something as simple as crossing a border …
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Buying Honda Waves In Asia: Was The Moscoot Worth It?

Short Answer: Y E S ! Being a biker over a backpacker almost ALWAYS wins. Big time. But thats not the topic for this post. We wanted to find out: was it financially worth it and how much did it …
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Ten Ten Is Sold: A Wrap Up Of How We Did It

Sherrie’s Note:  And by we, Patrick means he,  as I am currently still in Songkhla, Thailand with Mango, who at the moment is recovering from the removal of his testicles. I will sell Temari next week, but I digress, on …
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Doctored Documents & Border Crossings With Motorcycles

The latest Chasing Summer article is out! Doctored Documents can be found there for your reading pleasure.   Other Chasing Summer Articles: The First Article Naked With Strange Russian Men Arguments With Gravity

Buying A Motorcycle In South East Asia

After completely changing our plans  we decided to ride in South East Asia. But to do so we needed new bikes. We sold our BMWs in Mongolia. It was not easy to find out the best way (what country and …
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Adventures In Diving Rather Than Motorcycling

Unlike the Underwater Dive Mistress I am a wiener when it comes to underwater activities. Discovering this was in fact a shock. In high school I wanted to be a marine biologist just so that I could scuba dive during …
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Malaysia: An Awesome Place To Ride!?!

Malaysia is known for its tropical climate, its beaches and its cuisine; ranging from Indian fused Chinese to traditional Malaysian. Not so well known however (at least we didn’t) may be the fact that Malaysia is a great country for …
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Malaysia: Family Reunions & New Motorcycles

And regarding the title, Wikipedia says that the Honda Wave is in fact a “small motorcycle” and that is my story and I am sticking to it.  Although  the fact it is only a semi automatic and has me reaching …
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