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English Translation Of Fernweh: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure Is Out!

Cover: Fernweh a trans continental motorcycle adventure

As some people already know, Patrick wrote a book about his first around the world motorcycle trip that took place in 2004 and 2005. And finally, the English version; Fernweh: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure is available on Amazon and …
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Pumping Gas In Mongolia

We did not have any fuel problems in Mongolia the past summer.  Although we did have fun literally pumping gas:  

Mongolia Part One: A Visual Summary

Rather than going back and filling out the blog to update it to now, I am cheating and giving you a visual summary! However both My Best Accidents and Culture Shock Mongolia cover our time in Mongolia. Camels as soon …
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Goats On Bikes

Culture Shock Mongolia is the latest article in the Chasing Summer series. Mongolia is a country I can not recomend highly enough. As a biker you have dream riding. But it does take some adjustment! Morning visitor:   If you …
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Arguments With Gravity: Newest Article Out

Arguments with Gravity is the title of my favourite book of poetry by one of my favourite authors Michael Crummey, and the perfect title for this blog post with the link to my newest Chasing Summer article, My Best Accidents. …
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Banging Our Heads Against The Chinese Wall

As I write this I am sitting in a rooftop ger in Ulan Bator. We were trying to keep the blog somewhat chronological, but between having bad or no internet connections we have not been so successful.   (And that is …
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Cafe Wonderfulness & Newest Article Is Out

We have been in Mongolia for almost 2 weeks exactly and the only thing I can say is that it is wonderful. The landscape is amazing and the roads an off roaders dream. (But it can quickly become a nightmare …
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