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Overland Motorcycle Trip From Germany To Turkey

I am presently putting the finishing touches on the travel memoir of our motorcycle trip from Germany to Turkey and I keep going back to our pictures and the videos that we made (we filmed, Andi Thiele put it together …
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Changing Money In Romania

Romania may be part of the EU but it is not part of the Euro currency zone. As such we found ourselves in more or less the middle of nowhere with no cash and no place willing to take credit …
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Romania: Wild Camping and Guys With Guns

After a mad dash through 5 countries we drastically slowed down in Romania, if for no other reason than the roads demanded it (And perhaps a slight roadside temper tantrum on the side of the road in Hungary may have …
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More Tales Of The Land Of Ice & Rain To Come..Till Then Enjoy A Motorcycle Ride Over A Non-Existent Bridge

Shame on me as I have been completely neglecting the blog since returning to Germany, and there are in fact more tales to come.  But as I am teaching English AND still working on my Masters, AND trying to learn …
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I Was Serious About The Food, Or A Little History For You

Success!  We rode from Southern Iceland through the interior to Northern Iceland and no one was hurt!  Perhaps this was aided in part by the fact that we bought 6 chocolate bars before we ventured in.  Patrick has learned from …
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