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Adventure motorcycle riding

JK Hostel In Samara, Just The Coolest Hostel Ever

Our ride into Samara was not planned. We had thought it would be better to stay at a pension or the like in the town prior to it, as we hoped to be able to avoid the traffic of another …
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Volgograd: Insane & Yet Awesome

Russia, we are told, is cold and freezing. Coming from Canada however, where it is also suppose to be cold and permanently blanketed in snow, I liked to think I had some inkling as to what I would be in …
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Rainy Rides & Russian Gas Stations

One would think the combination of the above two things would be something of a horror story. If the overall experience of overland motorcycle riding makes riding in the rain worth it in the long run, for the most part …
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Destination: Marina & The Russian Black Sea Coast!

After leaving the Crimea we crossed over to Russia with the ferry. Despite a total time of 5 hours on the two borders, the procedure of leaving the Ukraine and entering Russia was relatively painless. Except of course for the …
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