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A puppy travels around the world

Mango the sailing dog

Since we adopted Mango (actually I think he adopted us) in Thailand he became a seasoned traveler. He rides ferries, trains, motorcycles vans no problem. This time he learnes how to sail.
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We have made it to Austin, Texas to visit a friend, catch up on internet stuff and get our ride asia handbook out! That should be coming out at some point today, but just to show we have not dropped …
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What You Should Know If You Travel With A Dog On Air Canada

A day lost and a couple of exploded brain cells later and myself and Mango have a flight booked to Berlin. Instead of it being after the German leaves, it will in fact be before him. Here is the short …
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Getting Your Dog Into Canada Is Easier Than Getting In A German

We have arrived in BC! Safe and sound with only two things of note. The more amusing of the two happened in Seoul airport. Our flight from Bangkok to Seoul was only 5 hours but it departed at 12 am. …
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Taking Our Dog On An Airplane: Mango Gets Ready To Leave Thailand

Mango has traveled over 2000 kms by motorcycle, he has traveled by ferry, by car, by train and by tuk tuk. But tonight he meets his biggest challenge yet: airplane. This evening we are Canada bound, unfortunately the shortest flight …
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Introducing Mango The Travel Dog

My Christmas present this year was the promise of a dog. Namely from Christmas on I had the option to travel with a dog if I wanted, or I could wait until we were back in Germany. I think Patrick finally broke from seeing how excited I got whenever we were charged by a happy dog or puppy.
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