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Chasing Summer: The Waves Of Doom

The newest article in the Chasing Summer series is out, The Biker Versus The Waves Of Doom. The way the water did NOT look when we took the boat out: Next time I will make sure it looks more like …
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From A BMW 650 To A 125 Honda Wave: Newest Chasing Summer Is Out

The latest installment in the Chasing Summer series is out! Bye Bye Betty is a much more coherent summary of the decision making process that led us to sell the bikes in Mongolia and continue our trip in South East …
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Goats On Bikes

Culture Shock Mongolia is the latest article in the Chasing Summer series. Mongolia is a country I can not recomend highly enough. As a biker you have dream riding. But it does take some adjustment! Morning visitor:   If you …
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Arguments With Gravity: Newest Article Out

Arguments with Gravity is the title of my favourite book of poetry by one of my favourite authors Michael Crummey, and the perfect title for this blog post with the link to my newest Chasing Summer article, My Best Accidents. …
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Russian Banjas & Friendly Kidnappings

The guy on the left is Konstantine, the guy in the middle is the kidnapper, and the other guy is an Ukrainian who, along with 5 others, disappeared for 4 hours to hunt mini lobsters.  We feared they had drowned. …
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The Story Of The Russian Immigration Police

My newest article in my Chasing Summer series is out, and it is the aforepromised article on our encounter with the Russian immigration police. Enjoy it!

Cafe Wonderfulness & Newest Article Is Out

We have been in Mongolia for almost 2 weeks exactly and the only thing I can say is that it is wonderful. The landscape is amazing and the roads an off roaders dream. (But it can quickly become a nightmare …
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If You Prefer Our Adventures Edited For Grammar….

When my friend Hans asked if I would be interested in writing a column in The Independent about the trip my answer was a resounding yes. The only thing more fun than travel is writing about it, and if people …
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