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A Newfoundland girl rides around the world

The Reasons Behind Going From Motorcycles To A Van For The Last 3 Months Of Our World Trip

And if you want the short of it, it was financial! If you want the long of it, the newest chasing summer articles is out on why we went from motorcycles to a van.  The first week we regretted nothing …
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Selling The Bikes In Malaysia

The newest Chasing Summer is out for your reading enjoyment, on my experience selling Temari in Malaysia. Patrick had a slightly easier go of it, but I would not be me if even something as simple as crossing a border …
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Chasing Summer: Needing A Vacation From Your Vacation

First off: yes, it was my choice to go for that picture of me! 😛 Too often we only see the pretty pictures of a dream completed, not the ones of the blood, sweat and tears that go into the …
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Catching Up & Chasing Summer

Enjoy this week’s Chasing Summer article on Mango as well as the previous one on my mixed feelings on Laos. I even missed posting a Chasing Summer link so I I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time. 😉
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Chasing Summer: Cambodia & Angkor Wat

The newest article is out on our first week in Cambodia . We rode in expecting to ride out as fast as possible after seeing Angkor Wat. Instead we fell in love with Cambodia itself and the wonderful people there! …
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A Kick Back To Russia & The Joys Of Couch Surfing

As we get ready to hit Laos’ route 13 I have decided to autopost a couple of articles so the blog does not go into radio silence. So sorry if your comment is not moderated, as soon as I have …
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Savage Monkeys In The New Chasing Summer Article

We are presently in Cambodia and after locking ourselves in a room in Trat for a week in an effort to get the Iceland book out, we gave ourselves sometime off from our laptops and are currently being pure tourists.  …
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Motorcycling In Bangkok’s Floods

The newest Chasing Summer is out! Bangkok Underwater and our not planned for encounter with the floods.   If you enjoyed this, check out some other Chasing Summer articles Naked With Strange Russian Men The Story Of the Russian Immigration …
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Doctored Documents & Border Crossings With Motorcycles

The latest Chasing Summer article is out! Doctored Documents can be found there for your reading pleasure.   Other Chasing Summer Articles: The First Article Naked With Strange Russian Men Arguments With Gravity

Chasing Summer: The Waves Of Doom

The newest article in the Chasing Summer series is out, The Biker Versus The Waves Of Doom. The way the water did NOT look when we took the boat out: Next time I will make sure it looks more like …
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