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A Sailing Adventure: Book Review Of Love With A Chance Of Drowning

The short of it: go out and buy Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche and read it and love it right now! For the long of it read on after the following book trailer: I stumbled across …
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Book Review: Beating about the bush by The Foreplayers

And Now For Something Completely Different Or You Had Me At Corn Porn, an erotic satire. To be more accurate, it was the declaration that Beating About The Bush was corn porn combined with the following picture that had me …
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Sick Means Adventure Reading, & BMW Rescuers Of The More Mature Kind

We made it back from Newfoundland on Thursday, whereas I fell into a coma like sleep and woke up 24 hours later, but that sleep must have been a sign of something more devastating to come, as presently I alternate …
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Book Review: Vagabonding By Rolf Potts

For those of you with little time but the desire to know what we said here is the condensed version: If you are a first time traveler buy this book!  It is inspirational and packed with web resources.  If however …
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