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Berlin To Szczecin: A Weekend Sailing Adventure

For our family vacation this year we decided we would sail our boat from Szczecin (also known as Stetten), Poland to the German island of Rügen and back again. The only kink in the plan was that our boat was …
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Abundance Over Stuff & A Great Talk From Teresa Carey of Sailing Simplicity

At the risk of too much of a good thing is simply an overdone thing, I will post two Ted talks back to back. After all, when you are looking for the inspiration (which is often another word for courage) …
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Sailing around the world, inspiration!

Mango Sailing Dog

So the dream to sail around the world has been pulled into daylight. But every dream needs to grow and be mulled over in order to become (step by step) a reality. We needed inspiration and even more information. Where …
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Adventures Are Never Easy & Yet Worth It

I have often said adventures are never easy but they are almost always worth it. By adventure I mean those travels where you are pushed to your limits and there are times when you wonder if you even made the …
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Sailing around the world, a new dream emerges

It has now been 18 months since we returned from our world trip and settled down in Berlin. Slowly but surely the travel itch has started to build up again.
It’s time to make new plans. Big plans. Time to plan for the next couple of years to come. I dug out a childhood dream of mine: Sailing around the world.
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Solo Sailing Trip Across The Atlantic

Although our blog has been primarily a motorcycle adventure blog, I like to think we are open to all kinds of adventure. And since the birth of our child Patrick has been really pushing the sailing as a family angle. …
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