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Motorcycle overland adventures

Women Overland Adventure Motorcycle Riders: Deniz of Cosmosianstravels

[Intro_Women_ riders] I love this interview with Deniz of cosmosianstravels. Not only does she have an amazing bike (a BMW F650 of course!) but she has very wise words for anyone thinking of embarking on an overland motorcycle adventure. Or …
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Around The World On A Motorcycle

Check out Rene’s interview on his four year long around the world on a motorcycle adventure. We met Rene in South America when he was still in the “early” stage of his trip, as in about a little over a …
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Motorcycles Make The World Even Smaller

And I do not just mean they make it smaller in the sense that they let you ride the world. 😉 Rather they lead to pictures like the following, where a German guy (who lives in Switzerland), an Indian guy …
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Wild Camping In Slovakia: The Night Of The Horny Cow

Rather than let the blog go dormant while we wait out Berlin’s long winter we decided to move to Unleash some of our posts from our old blog. When Emma-Justine sleeps Ill move the entire lot over. Until then enjoy …
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Sherrie’s Interview With Those Diner & Motorcycle Guys

Last Saturday Sherrie had an interview with Those Diner & Motorcycle Guys on their Blog Talk radio program. It was at 8 EST and so if you missed it we understand. 😉 But you can listen to it here as …
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English Translation Of Fernweh: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure Is Out!

Cover: Fernweh a trans continental motorcycle adventure

As some people already know, Patrick wrote a book about his first around the world motorcycle trip that took place in 2004 and 2005. And finally, the English version; Fernweh: A Trans Continental Motorcycle Adventure is available on Amazon and …
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Sjack The World Independent Film Out: Moral Of The Story Live Your Dreams!

Anyone who has ever dreamed of overland motorcycle travel probably saw Sjaak Lucassen‘s  around the world video. Now you can enjoy it professionally cut with various interviews in his new documentary Sjaak The World. What I love about the video …
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Germany to Newfoundland Riding home the crazy way

We made it. We are back in Germany as of two weeks ago! The whole trip went differently as planned (of course) but was nevertheless, well lets say probably because of it, a fantastic one: We started from Germany and …
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One year on the road!

Teaser Sherrie First Day of World Trip

On May 27th 2011 we left Germany to ride to Newfoundland on motorbikes. That would be: 1 year on the road! Happy traveling to us 🙂 We almost forgot about it but my brother just skyped me from Indonesia, he …
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A Newfoundland bay party: Heartattack, Lobster and Rum

Janine decided to show me real life in the bay and invited us to her cousins cabin party in Cupids. I almost didn’t make it there since my life was at stake in the liquor store. Not because of alcohol …
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