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First Sail of The Year: Photo Post

We moved our boat from a harbour near Kiel to one much closer to Stettin in Poland. This way we cut a 4-hour drive one way to 4 hours round trip. Patrick did the majority of it alone with a …
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Motorcycle Adventure Listen

Lorraine Chittock is an amazing author, photographer and all around wonder woman. (If you click on the above link it will take you to her bio which includes motorcycling solo in 1978 and this direct quote from the site: “Nomadism …
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Interview: Patrick’s Motorcycle Adventures & Budgeting

Patrick recently gave an interview to QNBikes on our past motorcycle adventures including budgeting and costs. Check the interview out here and one comment on the budget, we lived off of 30 Euro a day in total in South East …
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Caught Up With Summer

Our trip is over and after a year on the road and although there were a couple of points when winter was dangerously close at our heels, for the most part we managed to keep pace with the sun. This …
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Time to go home: See ya Newfoundland – Servus Germany

All trips end at some point, even long ones. We have been on the road for over a year but now its time to go home. The last six weeks we stayed in Newfoundland with Sherrie’s parents, visited her family …
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The UnleashYourAdventure server was down

We had some problems with our server today, UnleashYourAdventure was gone for a couple of hours. We are sorry for that 🙁 Now its up again. Enjoy some inspiring travel stories!

Overland Travel Expo: Arizona May 18 – 20, 2012

For those in the general area of Arizona this weekend check out the overland expo in Flagstaff.  The idea is to educate and inspire you to explore the world in your own vehicle – be it motorcycle, car, bike or …
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New WordPress Widget for our Affiliate Partners

Dear readers, we proudly announce that our new widget was approved for the WordPress plugin directory. This makes it even easier to include our books in your WordPress blog. More info about our affiliate program More info about Smashwords Book …
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Unleash Your Adventure Moves

Dear readers, you may have noticed that Unleash looks different today. We have moved to another platform. This gives us more flexibility to organize the blog. We hope you enjoy the new look. If you encounter problems or weird site …
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Mongolia Part Two: Selling The Bikes

We returned to Mongolia with semi heavy hearts. We knew that financially selling the bikes made sense. German registered bikes are not allowed in Korea. The good news is that half the customs people do not know that. The bad …
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