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A Brief Visual Summary

Long time no write! In the 3 weeks since we left Italy we have covered 6000 kms and we are now in Samara, Russia. Our route is a little more zig with zag then originally planned but it has been …
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Season’s Greetings From Newfoundland!

A late post and late Christmas wishes to those who celebrate the season from Newfoundland!  Patrick and I are celebrating this year with my family as next year we plan to celebrate it in Ushuaia Argentina with other motorcycle travellers.  …
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Dreaming Of Bulgaria On A Wet Rainy Sunday Or Episode 07

It has been a while since I have posted in the blog as the last post was written by Patrick and even that was a bit of time ago. (My excuses include work and starting NaNoWriMo to write about Iceland, …
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Trip Planning: Tip #1: Set A Date

Your dream is to go on a trip. Not on a one week vacation, but on a big trip. One day you will go since this has always been your dream. Not now but one day, maybe when this project …
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Our Budget For Iceland: What We Spent & Where We Spent It

The first thing that most people consider when they begin to plan a trip is “can I afford it?” We describe how much we have spent and the ways to save money in Iceland to turn it into an affordable and great trip.
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More Tales Of The Land Of Ice & Rain To Come..Till Then Enjoy A Motorcycle Ride Over A Non-Existent Bridge

Shame on me as I have been completely neglecting the blog since returning to Germany, and there are in fact more tales to come.  But as I am teaching English AND still working on my Masters, AND trying to learn …
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Tourist Traps For Your Birthday

It does sound like a disease, but just as you know the ways certain diseases are spread, yet in the heat of the moment you can not resist and fall into something nasty, so is it with the tourist trap.  …
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Iceland Does Not Give Up It’s Treasures Easily” Or “The Road To Askja Is Not So Much Difficult As Damned

We debate how many times we tried to visit Askja.  I say 3, because there were 3 days when we actually said we were going to Askja that day, and the third time is a charm.  Patrick however says 4, …
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Lambchops IS Out To Get You

It would appear to be a generally accepted fact what the murderous motives of Iceland’s fluffy livestock in fact are: So it is not just me.

Reindeer Did Not Eat Our Helmets

AKA Wilma Got Nailed & Betty Got Screwed; AKA Part 2 Of “Scratch The Hype, You Are Never Alone In Iceland”. You may wonder why I only told half the story of our first attempt to visit Askja.  Those of …
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