Dreaming Of Bulgaria On A Wet Rainy Sunday Or Episode 07

It has been a while since I have posted in the blog as the last post was written by Patrick and even that was a bit of time ago. (My excuses include work and starting NaNoWriMo to write about Iceland, but really excuses are just that!)  So I thought I would share the next Journizer video to show the blog is not dead.  End result:  stomach sickness from being jealous of myself and wanting to go back to Bulgaria again!

Bulgaria was in fact an unexpected jewel in our trip.  We had no real intention of riding through it, and the original plan was that we would spend as long as needed there as we went along the Black Sea coast into Turkey.  However rain drove us South instead of East, and as a result we ended up spending almost an entire week enjoying some of the best riding in Europe.  I say that even after a storm drove us to seek refuge in a monastery with this guy:

I may love camping, but I am not a great lover of some of the original inhabitants you find.  I am squeamish about anything with more than 4 legs, and antennas do not place high on my list of things that count towards making you cute.  Unless of course you have 2 legs and the antennas are made of plastic, then perhaps.  But chances are if the antennas are part of your body its a no go for me.

And yes, we are aware that the geography is slightly off.  That was a mix up in communication, we filmed the videos on our digital camera, and then we sent the files to Andi at Journizer.  We misfiled the videos however (there are still some Bulgaria shots in my Romania set on Flickr as well) and then we never corrected the mistake!  Whoops!  So the geography is off, sorry about that! 

And the video: 



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