First Sail of The Year: Photo Post

We moved our boat from a harbour near Kiel to one much closer to Stettin in Poland. This way we cut a 4-hour drive one way to 4 hours round trip. Patrick did the majority of it alone with a friend, as I did not trust 4 days of sailing over Easter with the kiddies to be warm enough. But we joined him for the last leg and it was lovely. Although it meant missing out on seeing dolphins!


2016-03-25 09.36.56

Sunny Day Sail

2016-03-26 13.01.52

Falcor Awaiting The Return of His Family

2016-03-28 13.49.56

Most adorable sailor ever

2016-04-02 06.56.15

End of Sailing Day

2016-04-02 06.33.59

What Time is it? (At this point around 6 am. We started at 5)

2016-04-02 06.28.26

Mango The Sailing Dog

2016-04-02 07.05.47

Emjay Is Not Feeling Well Towards The End

2016-04-02 16.46.56

Best part of sailing for Emjay: Getting To The Beach!

2016-04-02 19.29.04


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