Fjords, Geyser, Iceberg and bloody feet: the Newfoundland Eastcoast Trail

Newfoundland has a beautiful coastline with fjords, clear water, sea birds, eagles, moose, flowers, icebergs and even geysers. The best part is that if there is sunshine and no storm raging outside, you can actually see all of that. A gorgeous landscape is revealed.


A couple of days ago we decided to hike a part of the Eastcoast trail. Sherrie, her brother Sean, Mango and me that is. Sean is a workoutaholic. He basically lives in the gym. A few days ago he went on a “short” walk with us which took us through the whole city for about four hours. We were a little worried about the “longish hike” he was planning. But more about that later.


The hike was fantastic as you can see in the pictures. We even saw a big Iceberg in the blue water. About half way (after about 4 hours) we came to The Spout, a geyser that is formed by the waves pushing through a hole in the rocks.



After 5 hours we came to the end of our section of the trail. Our untrained feet hurt and we were happy to get back in the car. But where was it? The trail went on and on for kilometers. Sherrie suspected we were caught in a time vortex. It took us another 6 kilometers to get out of the woods. That part was not planned. Even Sean had to admit that it was enough. But he blamed it on his wife who was waiting for him 😉


Sean thank you for guiding us. Even if we were about 2 kms behind you the entire time. At least Mango kept up! We would do it at any time again. But maybe give us 2 more days for recovering. While I’m writing this Mango is sleeping at my feet. Even he had enough 😉









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