Germany to Newfoundland Riding home the crazy way

We made it. We are back in Germany as of two weeks ago!

The whole trip went differently as planned (of course) but was nevertheless, well lets say probably because of it, a fantastic one:

We started from Germany and rode on BMW F650s to Mongolia, sold them there and bought Honda Waves in Malaysia. In Thailand we adopted our new travel mate Mango. After 6 months of touring South East Asia we sold the bikes and flew to Vancouver to buy the Shaggin Wagon. It took us through the US and brought us to Newfoundland. The whole trip took us a little longer then a year.

I wanted to do some statistics here but, uhm, I forgot how many kilometers we traveled. And truthfully, it doesn’t matter. It was an awesome trip anyway 🙂

Evening somewhere in Russia

Whats way more important than numbers are the people that we met on the way. Here are some updates on them:

My brother Jannick is still traveling with his Africa Twin, he was last seen somewhere in Australia.
Sherrie’s parents are back in Newfoundland, plotting there their Europe tour.
My dad is back in Switzerland, cruising the Alps.
Ed became a writer, his book, inspired by our trip together through Northern Thailand, is in its final draft stages.
Joscha is back in Berlin, sailing and financing startups
Marina (from the Black Sea) moved to Austria to study in Vienna.
John (the dude from Novosibirsk) became a proud daddy.
Nadia (the one from Austin who knocks down walls in houses) is preparing for her trip to Berlin.


And us?
We moved to Berlin and are in the process of setting up a new home. We found a short term apartment which comes with some built in adventure:
It has an illegal shower, built into the kitchen cupboard and it is broken. There is no fridge nor stove. Its like a Mongolian ger just a little bigger. 😀

And the final question: Would we go again? YES! When? ASAP 😉

Countries visited:

Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea
Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Canada, The United States


About Patrick

Patrick is a German engineer who likes motorcycles, world trips, offroad riding and his computer. If he is not traveling he usually tries to found a company or two.

3 Responses to Germany to Newfoundland Riding home the crazy way

  1. Marco says:

    Hi Patrick,

    good to see that you are back and save in Germany. My trip is also coming to an end. I arrived in Daytona Beach, Florida and will fly back home on Saturday.
    So you are now in Berlin, hope your build in adventures work right now.


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