Getting Your Dog Into Canada Is Easier Than Getting In A German


We have arrived in BC! Safe and sound with only two things of note. The more amusing of the two happened in Seoul airport. Our flight from Bangkok to Seoul was only 5 hours but it departed at 12 am. That meant no sleep for us. Instead of wandering into the city for our 11 hour stopover as planned, we chose sleep. Duk Boki came very close to beating out sleep, but given how I contemplated making Patrick’s eyes into earrings I realized I was very tired indeed. So we found our way to a gate and slept.

And I was awoken by a hard whack across my rump that startled me into consciousness only to find the perpetrator was not a pervert or Patrick trying to be funny but in fact was a very anxious, elderly Japanese woman screaming about Paris. In my sleep induced haze I had no idea what was happening but she was obviously distraught enough that she thought the only way to successfully awaken me was not prodding or shaking my shoulder, no, rather she went for whacking me on the ass.

She then looked to her son for help, said something in Japanese (and I am assuming it is Japanese and not Korean because I do not remember Korean having the wa, ga, ka and desu that I do remember Japanese having) he then looked at me much calmer and said that the flight to Paris was departing. He then took her by the hand and although she resisted a moment more, gave in and followed him. She obviously thought I was about to sleep through the boarding, which I thought was sweet. But she loses points on her approach.

Now that I was awake I woke up Patrick to start our search for his flight back to Germany. The less amusing event had happened the night before prior to boarding – when we were almost not permitted on the plane. Not because of Mango, who had all his documents in order. But rather because Patrick did not have his.

We were in the middle of checking in when we were asked about our flight back to Germany, Both our thoughts snapped directly to Mango and we asked what does that have to do with anything. We were importing him into Canada at the moment.

“The dog is fine, but sir you need an outwards ticket to enter Canada. We can not allow you on this flight.”

We had never even considered that. We were going to drive to the states, we had no plan beyond that. The check in woman however was adamant, Patrick was not allowed on the flight. Canada could (and in the past had) refused Germans entering without tickets. The airline faced a fine if he was refused. He had to buy a ticket NOW. The manager was called and Patrick was finally allowed on – on the condition that he bought his onwards ticket in Seoul during our stopover. That of course meant the difference of about 500 Euro on our side. We had time to research rather than take the first one offered.

Mango – he was allowed on without problems, and was accepted into Canada with no question other than “can I see his import papers?” Patrick and I were drilled for 5 minutes on where we were going to stay and do in Canada. (I am a citizen, it is allowed to come back and visit with a foreign partner isn’t it?)

So there you go folks, its easier to fly with your pet than with a German. At least to Canada. Outside of North America you want to be German, Canadians are always slammed with much higher visa fees.

Patrick, Alix and Mango enjoying the view:



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  1. Anna says:

    Hey Sherrie, Moin Patrick,
    I stumbled across your blog this morning – love it!
    I am a German myself (currently living in the US), ride motorcycles as well, and -believe it or not- have been to Newfoundland (last year in August on my Honda CB600F). I wrote about the trip to Newfoundland in my motorcycle blog
    Are you interested in a good old fashioned link exchange? I think your blog fits perfectly into my blog roll and I always appreciate reciprocity. 🙂
    Take care und liebe Grüße aus Washington,
    P.S. Sorry to use the comment option to email you – I couldn’t find any other way to get in touch with you. 🙂

    • Sherrie Sherrie says:

      Hi Anna, I checked out your blog, I love it! Will share links and Im sending you an email, I will also look into this contact us business! 😛

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