Help Us Choose A Book Cover For My Iceland Memoir

ebook cover: Iceland a stormy motorcycle adventure Read more about our Iceland adventures in our ebook
Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Adventure
by Sherrie McCarthy
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I need help! I am tying to find a cover for my Iceland travel memoir. Readers of our packlist know that the book is due out sometime this month and it looks like it will be ready by the end of November.  Hurray! But part of that involves the very difficult decsion of choosing a cover.  The German and I can not agree. So we are leaving it open to the public and potential readers.  Which cover do you like best? You can read the preface and first chapter here to get a sample of what to expect. The poll is below, and any comments can be left here on the blog. Suggestions are always welcome!

Thank you!

Cover One: Rocks Of Death:

Cover Two: Wild Camp By Glacier:

Cover Three: Ride Into The Interior:

Update: The Voting is closed, the book is . Thanks to everybody who gave their opinion.


About Sherrie

Sherrie was born and raised in Newfoundland, has her home base in Germany, and at any given time can be found just about anywhere in the world. Addicted to books, travel, chocolate and motorcycles, a perfect day for her is riding her bike followed by drinking good coffee and reading a good book or writing one.

18 Responses to Help Us Choose A Book Cover For My Iceland Memoir

  1. karen erath says:

    I prefer cover two: Wild Camp by Glacier. It’s more mysterious and it leaves the reader wanting to find out more. The colors are very warm but also varied with the clouds, mountain, bikes, tent, and ground. Also, the “Unleash Your Adventure” is more predominant along the bottom…I barely noticed it along the side…and when someone tells me I should “Unleash My Adventure”…well, that stirs something within me…but I have to read the darn book to find out what!!! 🙂

  2. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Maybe next summer you will be unleashing your adventure & riding in Iceland! 🙂 Do you think that cover #2 looks too much like the packlist cover? I love #2 but I have been told it might be confused with our packlist!

  3. barron says:

    I like Rocks of Death because it looks very original. #2 is a little too serene and #3 seems like a common type of image. #1 is the photo with the most tension to match the title.

  4. karen erath says:

    Maybe if it resembles your “packlist” it can be your “style” or “brand”…so not really a bad thing!!! My second choice would be Number Three: Ride into the Interior. But, why is the picture so low? It looks like it doesn’t start until after “Iceland”. I can’t tell whether it’s written in the clouds…like the other two, or the picture is under “Iceland” and it’s just white above…but it looks a little off balance. It would look better if you two were a little higher on the cover…taking more of a center stage…and then you could put the “Unleash your Adventure” maybe bigger along the bottom!!

  5. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Baron, your thinking is in complete agreement with Patrick”s and Karen”s with mine!

  6. Alix says:

    I would say either of the first two. I don’t like the third, because everything is too concentrated down at the bottom of the cover. The first one has a lot of tension and looks ominous (rocks of death indeed)…the second one is warmer, and a bit more inviting. So, it’s more a question of whether you want the reader to think “oh my god, is she going to make it?!” or “ooo, that looks nice.”

  7. Kyle says:

    I like #2! But I also like #3. They’re both amazing.

  8. christianalsen says:

    I like all three, but the 2nd one is like more inviting as the rest…the others maybe a bit harsh … for my taste. But hey, I am way too much into kitten vids, too. greetz Amishable

  9. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Alix, I do not know what I want! 😛 That is why I wanted to open it up to a vote instead! Patrick really likes the harshness of number one, because he says it does look hard and it was not an easy trip. On the other hand you know me! 😛 I want the book to be funny and not just how hard Iceland was but that we still did it. So number 2 kind of has both, but it is similar to the packlist! Christian, before I met you, I only knew you as cat video dude! 😛

  10. Shawn says:

    All the covers look good and convey the meaning, but my eye was drawn to #2, the camp. It showed everything, motorcycles, camp and the vast open loveliness of the country.

  11. Kat Ward says:

    I think #1 reflects your title the best. #2, even though it has clouds at the top of the pic, the sun on the stretch of land is so warm, it doesn’t make sense with the title (to me); it seems sort of contradictory.#3 Looks a little too straightforward & balanced of an image, so everything comes across kind of flat.I think #1 is the most dramatic and suspenseful cover. I’ll go read the preface & chptr 1 now, and maybe my thoughts will change!So not easy, huh?

  12. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Thanks Shawn and Kat, it really is not so easy! I think it is down to the first two, my fav is 2, & Patrick’s is number 1. Readers seemed split, with few going to number three. So number three is completely out of the running now!

  13. Selous says:

    As a Ex Professional Photographer, I have had some of my artwork used on books.I pers like 1 & 3 however I think I have seen a similar photo to 3 on another book cover? So 3 out 1 is ok for the Motorcyclist, to have the idea of Adventure. 2 shows the Tundra and indicates Camping & motorcycling.overall 2 would be my choice if you are after a wider spectrum of readers.

  14. oo-o-oo says:

    first cover is ok

  15. Ron says:

    Picture 1 is typical Island and i think is the best. The other ones could be taken anywhere, they seem more ‘ordinary’. Anyway all the best of luck hope i’ve been a bit of assistance.

  16. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    You have been of assistance! Its looking like number 1 is kicking ass and taking names in terms of those who have bikes preferring it.

  17. Bill Buyar says:

    After reading some of your iceland adventure. Cover one is the only fitting choice.

  18. Tom Otomcio says:

    #2 is clearly the best! There’s a bit of colour that draws the eye. Plus the camp AND motorbikes makes it feel like a real adventure. #2 for me!

    #1 is great if you want to narrow the focus on motorbikes alone, but I’m guessing there was more to your trip than just motorbikes.


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