Here Comes The Shaggin Wagon

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am THE SHAGGIN WAGON.


Not that I have always been. In fact I am more the family guy and have had sort of a normal life until recently. It was rough at some times, my family had four kids that I had to drive around, mostly to school and back. That left scars. My interior is not brand new anymore and I carry some dents and scratches. I have seen a lot in my life. I have over 250.000km under my belt. But all in all it was a pretty predictable job. I had a good routine worked out and I was looking forward to retiring soon. Sean, my boss, was talking about getting a new van, I kind of was looking forward to slowing down and call it a life.

Until those two nutheads with their insane dog turned up. At first I didn’t get it. …Road trip for 3 months…Vancouver to Newfoundland (Where the fuck is that??)…across the States…living and sleeping in the van…WTF? Disgusted I mumbled “what do you people think? I am not a Shaggin Wagon”.

“Shaggin Wagon? hmmm”, Sherrie said, “THATS it, we call him THE SHAGGIN WAGON”. And that was that.


It took me a while to wrap my head around this new situation, mind you I’m not the youngest anymore. But I am still going strong. And after some thinking (you know highway driving gets the thoughts moving), I came to the conclusion that I am in fact pretty well suited for my new job:

I am a big guy (extra long the sales people call me), I have plenty of space. My windows are tinted so no one seen inside. I come with all extras someone can ask for: aircon, decent stereo, cruise control, everything is electrical. Maybe my biggest weakness is gasoline. I like to have a good drink once in a while. But hey, who doesn’t?

And hey you know life has definitely become interesting. At the moment we are heading down the west coast. Staying every night in a different place, taking it easy but still on the move every day. As an American I thought I would end my live in Canadian exile. But it turns out that I can tour through the US for 2 months. Now that I think of it, life isn’t so bad after all.

All right folks, sorry but I have to get moving. The horizon is waiting. See you!



About Patrick

Patrick is a German engineer who likes motorcycles, world trips, offroad riding and his computer. If he is not traveling he usually tries to found a company or two.

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