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Three weekends ago we had the pleasure of attending the Horizons Unlimited Chiang Mai mini meeting held at Rider’s Corner. (I am having difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that January is over and that the meeting was almost a month ago now).  The mini meeting was not all that mini in fact, with the second night being packed. Of course the second night was presentation night and I was torn between being glad that I was not presenting to an empty room and wishing that I was presenting to an empty room.

Day 230: Horizons Meeting And Presentation In Chaing Mai
Photo by the amazing and talented Kimberly Byrant, whose work you can find by clicking on her name or by clicking here.

The overland motorcycle community is rather small. Not so small that everyone knows each other, but small enough that most people know of each other. Hearing a story over beer in Ulan Bator can provoke the following or something like it: “Ahhhhh, I know you! You’re the one who my friend so and so met on the side of the road in Ushuaia out of gas and with a flat tire.”  And so the fact that we met Dave in CM shortly before the meeting should not have been so shocking. Dave is practically a family friend at this point, as he first met Patrick’s sister and soon to be brother in law in South America while they were on their South America trip.  He then met Jannick, and finally us, in Thailand. Over beer we learned he also knows Bob and Lorraine and that really should not have been the surprise it was either. Dave organizes the Cambodia Ride For Charityand almost ended up meeting the cousin Joscha as well, as we almost opted to do the ride instead of traveling in North Thailand.


I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow Jupiter’s Traveller Harry Lyon-Smith who is traveling the world on his Royal Enfield, fueled by diesel and veggie oil. The world is truly a village!

I have uploaded the videos from the presentation to Youtube. I also added a plug for the Iceland book at the end of each video. No, that was not there for every video during the presentation. Just the last one.  😉

Learning to ride over rivers:

And yes we are geeks, but it is such fun!:

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