I Was Serious About The Food, Or A Little History For You

Success!  We rode from Southern Iceland through the interior to Northern Iceland and no one was hurt!  Perhaps this was aided in part by the fact that we bought 6 chocolate bars before we ventured in.  Patrick has learned from experience that Sherrie + hunger is a generally dangerous combination.  I was not really joking in the previous posts when I stated that when I do not have food Patrick stands to lose vital body parts and/or organs.  It is not that Patrick does not like food, as we made it through the interior on our bikes and camped wild the last 3 nights, and since tonight we have a kitchen, we indulged in lamb and cous cous. And it was his idea. Heaven! 

Flickr is being really evil at the moment and will not load up my pictures, and so I will save my stories of Iceland until I have some more pictures to go with it.  Instead I will share with you Episode 4 of our Journizing The Throne Of The Gods when we rode to Turkey and back.  What I like about this episode is that after a slight hunger induced freak out I get Patrick to explain about our first real fight, which happened in Argentina after a couple of hours without food.  The best part is the look on his face when he is not really sure if the question is a trap or not…..



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