Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey E-book Is Out!

Finished just in time (I said November and it came out the last day in November, wa ha!) Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey has been published in e-book form! At the moment I am going to leave it at the e-book stage.  It is free to produce and free to make changes and there still may be some changes to come.  Not in the overall text (although any typos can be reported to me.  I have checked it until my eyeballs bleed and others as well, but every time I found something. Therefore I am not sure if in the last read through it truly was clean or if my brain provided me with what I so desperately wished for) but in terms of the cover. I was very partial to the second choice but I went with majority rules and so number one it is.  If no one buys it or if the complaints start coming in that the book does not match the content then I will switch covers. Free! In the print version it is not so free to do.

The final cover!

Thanks to everyone on Horizon’s and on the blog that weighed in and helped me with cover choice. I sent everyone a link and a coupon code to get a free copy. IF you do not get one please email us or leave a comment here. There were 2 commenters that I have no contact info for and no way to search for you. Some of you I stalked the internet for.  The rest of you I was able to contact directly. So please  do email if I ended up in your spam or if you are oo-ooooo-ooo.  I really have no idea who you are!

So go read it! If you like it tell others, if you don’t tell me! Comments are always welcome so long as they are constructive.  “You suck” does not help me.  “You suck because your sentences are too long “ does! 


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2 Responses to Iceland: A Stormy Motorcycle Journey E-book Is Out!

  1. Claudio says:

    Hi Sherrie, perhaps I was the last one who votet for the cover, but it was the cover nr.1. Greetings from Germany!

  2. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Claudio I think you are oo -ooo oo! 🙂 Good to know! I am sending you an email now with the link and coupon for the book! Thanks for voting and for reading! I hope Germany is not too cold. 😛

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