Iceland Bound”, Or “Better Late Than Never”, Or “Does This Seem Familiar To You?

2 days late is better than never! (3 if you want to really argue it, but Thursday evening was never really a plan, just a “what if”, so we are 2 days late and that is my story and I am sticking to it. Plus I worked Thursday evening, it cant be considered a real departure date). I would love to say that the stress of the past 2 days was unusual and new, but lets be honest, we never leave on time. We always leave at least one day later, and 3 seems to be the norm. It’s a combination of the fact that I am always way too optimistic on how much time we actually need, and the fact that since we ride our bikes we do not normally have a time pressure of taking off at a set date and time. But now the bikes are packed, everything is strapped, and the only cost is that we wont get to be tourists in Hamburg. I can accept that for 4 weeks in Island with our motorcycles! And so I leave you with the third episode of Journizing The Throne of The Gods, where we were also 2 or 3 days late before we actually left. 😛


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Sherrie was born and raised in Newfoundland, has her home base in Germany, and at any given time can be found just about anywhere in the world. Addicted to books, travel, chocolate and motorcycles, a perfect day for her is riding her bike followed by drinking good coffee and reading a good book or writing one.

2 Responses to Iceland Bound”, Or “Better Late Than Never”, Or “Does This Seem Familiar To You?

  1. Trish Avery(Dunne) says:

    Very interesting,I will be following on your adventure.Thoughts and prayers are with you all.Keep up the great amazing work!!I went to school with you Sherrie,not sure if you remember me or not,but just wanted you to know that Im sure alot of old friends are rooting for you.Cant wait to see more!!Take care.

  2. Patrick & Sherrie says:

    Hello Trish! Of course I remember you, you went to MQW as well as O’D (that makes our old high school sound rather bad doesn’t it. 😛 ) But if you had not added the Dunne I would not have known Trish Avery! ;-)We just arrived in Iceland yesterday morning, and we managed to ride a little over 20 kms, we just kept stopping and taking pics and video. It is amazing, I will post it all when I have time! But I am so glad you like to follow the trip! 🙂

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